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Paolo Veronese: Mars and Venus United by Love (1578)

John Collier: Lady Godiva (1897)

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn: Self-portrait with beret, wide-eyed (1630)

Wolfgang Heimbach: Portrait of Christoph Bernhard Freiherr von Galen (aka 'Bommem Berend'), prince-bishop of Münster (1674)

Solomon Joseph Solomon: Samson and Delilah (1887)

Wallerant Vaillant: Portrait of a boy with a falcon (17th century)

Simon Fokke: The anabaptistrevolt in Amsterdam (1747-1759)

Caravaggio: The Supper at Emmaus (1601)

Adriaen van Utrecht: Banquet Still Life (1644)

Hans Holbein the Younger: Portrait of Anne Boleyn (1533-1536)

Hans Holbein the Younger: Portrait of Jane Seymour (1536)

Titian: Venus Anadyomene (1520)

Caspar Netscher: Portrait of Coenraad van Beuningen, Dutch diplomat and politician (1673)

Dirck Jacobsz.: A Squad of the Amsterdam Arquebusiers Guild (1529)

Gustave Moreau: The Unicorns (1885)

Gherardo Starnina: Two seated angels making music (1400-1410)

Cornelis Corneliszoon van Haarlem: The Fall of Ixion (1588)

Cornelis Ketel: The civic guard company of captain Dirck Jacobsz. Rosecrans and lieutenant Pauw (1588)

Paul Delaroche: The assassination of Henry I, duc de Guise, at Château de Blois (1834)