Albrecht Dürer: Feast of Rose Garlands (1506)

(National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic)

This altarpiece was made for the San Bartolomeo church in Venice (the church of the German community in Venice). The painting has the enthroned Virgin Mary with the child Jesus in the center with 2 flying angels above her. The identity of most of the figures is not clear. The kneeling person on the left of Mary is pope Julius II (papacy 1503-1513) and on the right the kneeling Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III (reign 1452-1493) with the face of his son Maximilian I. Standing on the left of Mary is Saint Dominic of Guzman and the person near the left border with joined hands is the patriarch of Venice, Antonio Soriano. Next to him is the chaplain of the church of San Bartolomeo, Burkard von Speyer. Dürer has also included himself on this painting. He is standing on top right with a piece of paper in his hand and long blond hair. The piece of paer Dürer is holding mentions the production time of this painting (5 months) and his own name. Painting from 1506.