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Hans Eworth: Portrait of a woman (1565)

Riza-yi `Abbasi: The two Lovers (1630)

Master of 1456: The martyrdom of saint Ursula and the 11000 virgins of Cologne (1450-1460)

Simone Martini: The Maestà (1315)

'Abd al-Qadir Hisari: A calligraphic galleon (1766-1767)

Pieter van Anraedt: The regents of the Oudezijdshuiszitten- and almonershome in Amsterdam (1675)

Jusepe de Ribera: Saint Jerome in penitence (1634)

Sebastian Vrancx: The battle of Lekkerbeetje (1600)

Hans Holbein the Younger: An Allegory of the Old and New Testaments (early 1530s)

John Martin: The Destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum (1822)

Jan de Bray: Regents of the orphanage in Haarlem (1663)

Jacob van der Heyden: Pentecost (1618)

Carl Spitzweg: The poor poet (1839)

Jan Miense Molenaer: Woman playing on a virginal (1630 - 1640)

Attributed to Aert Pietersz.: Portrait of Pieter Dircksz (1583)

Paolo Veronese: Christ among the Doctors in the Temple (1560)

Hendrick Goltzius: Portrait of Nicolaus Petri van Deventer (1583)

Diego Velázquez: Portrait of Mariana of Austria (1652)

Giotto di Bondone: Scenes from the Life of Christ - The Ascension of Christ (1304-1306)

Romeyn de Hooghe: Allegory of the Batavian Revolt (1704-1706)

José Villegas Cordero: Farwell of a Torero (1860-1870)

Emanuel de Witte: The Nieuwe Vismarkt (New Fish Market) in Amsterdam (1655 - 1692)