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Quentin Matsys: Portrait of a woman (1520)

Lucas van Leyden: The Large Ecce Homo (1510)

Rogier van der Weyden: The Altarpiece of the Seven Sacraments (1445-1450)

Circle of Quentin Matsys: The 7 sorrows of the Virgin Mary (15th century)

Jacob van Oost (I): Portrait of a Bruges Family (1645)

Maerten de Vos: Portrait of Gillis Hooftman and Margaretha van Nispen (1570)

José Campeche y Jordán: The Divine Shepherdess (18th century)

Wallerant Vaillant: Portrait of Maria van Oosterwijck (1671)

Jacob Fransz. van der Merck: Portrait of Gerrit Leendertsz. van Grootveld, captain of the blue company of the Civic Guard of Leiden (1657)

Jan Albertsz. Rotius: The civic guard company of captain Claes Willemsz. Jager (1655)

Lucas Cranach (II): The siege of Wolfenbüttel (1542)

Daniel Vertangen: Portrait of Jan Valckenburgh & Dina Lems (1660)

Manuel Domínguez Sánchez: The Death of Seneca (1871)

circle of Michiel Jansz van Miereveld: Portrait of Frederick Henry of the Palatinate (1629)

Anonymous: Maya vase with Two Scenes of Pawahtun Instructing Scribes

Thomas de keyser: Portrait of Frederick van Velthuysen and his wife Josina (1636)

Cornelis de Man: Portrait of Reyer Reyersz. van der Burch and his family (1673)

Simon Vouet: Time is defeated by Hope, Love and Beauty (1627)

George Gower: Portrait of Lady Philippa Coningsby (1578)

Anonymous: Saint Gummarus of Lier (1520-1530)

Cornelis Troost: Guardroom with several officers (1748)

Salomon Mesdach: Portrait of Jacob Pergens & Anna Boudaen Courten (1619)

Daniel Hopfer: Five German Soldiers (1530)

Giuseppe Cades: The Martyrdom of the Blessed Signoretto Alliata (1794-1796)