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Anonymous: Floskaartjes (1704 - 1757)

Monogrammist MZ: The grand ball (1500)

Richard-Karl Karlovič Zommer: Samarkand (19th/ 20th century)

William Larkin: Portrait of Richard Sackville, 3rd Earl of Dorset (1613)

Joseph Ducreux: Self-portrait of the artist in the guise of a mocker (1793)

Hans Muelich: Portrait of Pankraz von Freyberg zu Hohenaschau (1545)

El Greco: The Dream of Philip II/ The adoration of the name of Jesus (1577-80)

Anonymous: The Narmer Palette (3200-3000 BC)

Gustave Doré: The Raven (1884)

Ludwig Sussmann-Hellborn: Sleeping Beauty (1878)

Thutmose: The Berlin head of Nefertiti (1345 B.C.)

Jan van Kessel (I): Masques made with seashells (17th century)

Anonymous: The Divine Triad (A.D. 1st century)

Ernst Haeckel: Kunstformen der Natur, Trochilidae (1904)

Anonymous: Codex Manesse, folio 13r (1305-1340)

Hendrick Heerschop: Erichthonius found by the daughters of Cecrops (1650 - 1672)

Anonymous: The Fécamp Psalter, folio 28v&29r (1173 - 1223)

Loyset Liedet: The Battle of Sluys, 13 June 1340 (1470)

Adriaen Coenen: Fish Book (1577-1581)

Peter Paul Rubens: Portrait of Nicolas Trigault (1617)

Anonymous: The Triumph of Fame over Death (1500-1530)

Anonymous: The Egmond Gospels, folio 214v and 215r (9th-10th century)