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Hendrick Goltzius: The artist's right hand (1588)

Hendrick Goltzius: Portrait of a theologian (1585-1590)

Hendrick Goltzius: A captain of the infantry (1583)

Hendrick Goltzius: Fame and History (1586)

Anonymous: a laughing fool with a needle and a thread (1590-1610)

Pieter Aertsen: The Egg Dance (1552)

Jean-Léon Gérôme: The Reception of Le Grand Condé at Versailles (1878)

Carlo Crivelli: The Annunciation, with Saint Emidius (1486)

circle of Geertgen tot Sint Jans: The Tree of Jesse (1500)

Jacob Jordaens: The Four Evangelists (1625-1630)

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn: A Young Woman Sleeping (1654)

Dierick Bouts: The Martyrdom of Saint Erasmus (1458)

Max Liebermann: The Flax Barn at Laren (1887)

Master of St. Bartholomew Altarpiece: The Baptism of Christ (1485-1500)

Sebastiano Ricci: Perseus Confronting Phineus with the Head of Medusa (1705-1710)

Peter Paul Rubens and workshop: The Disembarkation of Maria de' Médici at Marseilles (1621-1625)

Henri Regnault: Salomé (1870)

Jean-François Montessuy: Pope Gregory XVI Visiting the church of Saint Benedict at Subiaco (1843)

Petrus Christus: Portrait of a Carthusian (1446)

Hans Memling: Young Woman with a Pink & Two horses in a landscape (1485-1490)

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo: A Bacchante, a Satyr, and a Faun (1750)

Paolo Veronese: Nobleman in Hunting Attire (1560-1561)

Hendrick Goltzius: Sine Cerere et Libero friget Venus (1600-1603)