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Bartholomäus Bruyn (I): Portrait of Elisabeth Bellinghausen (1538-1539)

Unknown: Codex Borgia, page 14 - The 9 Lords of the Night (13th-15th century)

Diego Velázquez: The coronation of the Virgin (1645)

Maarten van Heemskerck: Portrait of a man and a woman (1529)

Master of the Fertility of the Egg: A Concert Of Animals, Birds and Stylized Figures (17th/ 18th century)

Juan Cordero: Portrait of Doña Dolores Tosta de Santa Anna (1855)

Hans Memling: Portrait of a man with a Roman coin (1480)

Bartholomeus van Bassen: The Ridderzaal of the Binnenhof during the Great Assembly of 1651 (1651)

Alexander Gardner: President Lincoln and Union officers at Antietam (1862)

Louis Tocqué: Portrait of Arnoldus and Isaac van Rijneveld (1738)

Claes Jansz Visscher: Leo Belgicus (1611)

Gilles Coignet: Portrait of Pierson la Hues (1581)

Monogrammist AP: Brothel Scene (1540)

Wybrand de Geest: Portrait of a boy (1631)

Unknown: The dictator at Petersburg (1864)

Master of the Saint John Panels: Saint Anne with the Virgin, Child Jesus, donors and saints (1490-1500)

Lucas van Leyden: The Dentist (1523)

Jean Ranc: Portrait of Philip V of Spain & Elisabeth Farnese (1723)

Caesar Boëtius van Everdingen: Girl with a Large Hat (1645-1650)

Anonymous: Memorial tablet of Jacob Jan van Assendelft and his wife Haesgen van Outshoorn (1500)

Mathew Brady: Three captured Confederate soldiers (1863)

Anonymous: Portrait of Barthold Entens van Mentheda (1572)

Attributed to Quiringh Gerritsz. van Brekelenkam: Paying the lease (1660 - 1668)

After Lucas van Leyden: Tavern Scene (1512 - 1583)

Ludolf Bakhuysen: The Bakhuysen and de Hooghe Families dining at the Mussel Pier on the Y (1702)