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follower of Jheronimus Bosch: Christ Carrying the Cross (1510-1535)

Adolph Artz: In the orphanage of Katwijk-Binnen (1870 - 1890)

Dirck van Delen: Interior scene (1630 - 1632)

Frans Hogenberg: Bossu attacks Rotterdam (1577-1579)

Johan Maelwael: La Grande Pietà ronde (1400-1410)

Louis-Michel van Loo: Diana in a landscape (1739)

Jan Luyken: The alteratie of Amsterdam (1679 - 1694)

François-Joseph Navez: Veronica of Milan (1816)

Peter Paul Rubens: The four continents (1612-1615)

Filippino Lippi: The apparition of the Virgin to Saint Bernard (1480)

Anonymous: Two officers of the Saint George guild (1589)

Anonymous: The Fifteen Mysteries and the Virgin of the Rosary (1515-1520)

Anonymous: The lady and the unicorn - À Mon Seul Désir (1500)

Anonymous: Memorial triptych (after 1521)

Anonymous Portrait of William II de la Marck, lord of Lumey (1572)

Michiel Jansz. van Mierevelt & Pieter Michielsz. van Mierevelt: The anatomical lesson of doctor Willem van der Meer (1617)

Giovanni Battista Pittoni: The Sacrifice of Polyxena (1733-1734)

Frans Floris I: The Fall of Rebelious Angels (1554)

Bartholomeus van der Helst: The directors of the archery-guild of Amsterdam (1653)

Anonymous: The Handboogdoelen, Voetboogdoelen and the weapons warehouse in Amsterdam (1606 - 1672)

Augustus Leopold Egg: The Travelling Companions (1862)