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Thérèse Schwartze: Three Inmates of the Orphanage at Amsterdam (1885)

Luca Mombello: Mary Immaculata and God the Father (1560-1580)

Master of the source of life: The 7 works of mercy (1500-1520)

workshop of Leonardo da Vinci: Mona Lisa of the Prado (1503-1516)

Adriaen Pietersz van de Venne: Fishing for Souls (1614)

Albrecht Dürer: Stag Beetle (1505)

Paul Delaroche: The execution of Lady Jane Grey (1834)

Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen: The Spanish brothel (1545)

Gustav Klimt: The Kiss (1908)

Félix Castello: The Capture of Saint Kitts (1634)

Dieric Bouts: Altarpiece of the Holy Sacrament (1464-1468)

Jacob de Gheyn (II): Trumpeter on Horseback (1599)

Jean-Honoré Fragonard: The Happy Accidents of the Swing (1767)

Abraham van Strij (I): Portrait of Hendrik Weymans and his family (1816)

Abraham Bloemaert: Four fathers of the Latin Church venerating the Eucharist (1632)

Georges-Pierre Seurat: Bathers at Asnières (1884)

Nicolaes Moeyaert: The choice between young and old/ Mooy-Aal and her suitors (1630-1640)

Abraham Beerstraaten: The old city hall of Amsterdam during winter (1658-1666)

Workshop of Hans Holbein the Younger: Portrait of king Henry VIII of England (1537 - 1547)

Hans Holbein the Younger: The Ambassadors (1533)

Jean-Léon Gérôme: Phryne Revealed Before the Areopagus (1861)

Attributed to Paul de Vos: A concert of birds (1650-1678)

Frans Hals: Portrait of a family in a landscape (1645 - 1648)

Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen: The Spanish courtesan (1545)

Anonymous: Northern Wall of the tomb of Tutanchamun (1323 BC)

Gerard Hoet: Portrait of the family Quarles (1725)