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Anonymous: The throne of the duke of Alba (1569)

Anonymous: Portrait of Hilleke de Roy (1586)

Anonymous: Codex Borgia, page 72 - the four directions with plumed serpents and gods (13th -15th century)

Anonymous: Codex Borgia, page 10 - 4 deities of the 20 day signs (13th-15th century)

Anonymous: Presentation of Captives to a Maya Ruler (A.D. 785)

Anonymous: Embracing Couple (A.D. 700-900)

Anonymous: Maya Vase K1209 (A.D. 600-900)

Anonymous: Codex Mendoza, page 2r - The founding of Tenochtitlan (1542)

Anonymous: Codex Mendoza, page 64r - various daily activities and 7 warrior scenes (1542)

Titian: portrait of Federico II Gonzaga, Ist Duke of Mantua (1529)

Andrea Mantegna: Christ as the Suffering Redeemer (1495-1500)

Cornelius Norbertus Gijsbrechts: Trompe l'oeil (1668-1672)

Jean-Paul Laurens: The Excommunication of Robert the Pious (1875)

Édouard Manet: The Execution of Emperor Maximilian (1868-1869)

Leonardo Da Vinci: Salvator Mundi (1500)

Antonio Gisbert: The Execution by Firing Squad of Torrijos and his Companions on the beach at Málaga (1888)

Anonymous: The harpist's stele (1069 BC- 664 BC)

Alphonse-Marie-Adolphe de Neuville: The Defence of Rorke's Drift (1880)

Hans Burgkmair the Elder: The Nine Worthies (1516 - 1519)

Lucas Cranach the Elder: The Fountain of Youth (1546)

Anonymous: Portrait of Lorenzo de' Medici (15th/ 16th century)

Unknown: Lintel 25 from Yaxchilan (A.D. 755-779)

Gustave Doré: The angel (1861–1868)