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Louis Carrogis Carmontelle: Les Gentilshommes du Duc d'Orléans (1770)

Daniël Marot (I): The civic guard of Amsterdam on the Dam square (1686)

Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Beata Beatrix (1864-1870)

Hartmann Schedel: The Nuremberg Chronicle, folio 47 - The Universe (1493)

Titian: Portrait of Alfonso d'Avalos in Armor with a Page (1533)

Anonymous: Jonah and the Whale (1400)

John William Waterhouse: The favourites of the Emperor Honorius (1883)

Carel Fabritius: The Goldfinch (1654)

Payag : Portrait of Shah Jahan on Horseback (1630)

Hanns Rüst: Map of the World (1480)

Hans Holbein the Younger: Darmstadt Madonna (1526-1528)

Georgios Klontzas: All Creation rejoices in thee…(16th century)

Vincent van Gogh: Portrait of Dr. Gachet (1890)

Thomas Eakins: The Gross Clinic (1875)

Titian: Jacopo Pesaro being presented by Pope Alexander VI to Saint Peter (1506-11)

Virgil Solis: 4 Playing Cards (1550)

Rogier van der Weyden: Portrait of a tournament judge (1450)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette (1876)

Gustav Klimt: Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I (1907)

Workshop of Cristoforo Orimina: The Hamilton Bible, fol 4 (1350–1360)

Adam van Breen: Exercise with rapier and shield, nr 21 (1618)

Jan Toorop: The old men by the sea (1901)

Anonymous: Portrait of a man in red (1530-1550)