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Cornelis Massijs: Two couples in a tavern (1539-1544)

Wilhelm Ziegler: Saint Catherine of Alexandria and Saint Barbara (1524)

Jan Sanders van Hemessen: The Tearful Bride (1540)

Anonymous: The Last Judgment with the the Seven Acts of Mercy and the Seven deadly sins (1490-1500)

Sandro Botticelli: The Adoration of the Magi (1476)

Pieter Bruegel the Elder: The Adoration of the Kings (1564)

Master of the Conquest of Majorca: The Conquest of Majorca (1285-1290)

Lluís Dalmau : The Virgin of the councilors (1445)

Jan Beerblock: The Wards at Saint John' Hospital (1778)

Anonymous: Portrait of Maurits Ripperda tot Holwierde (1606)

Francisco de Zurbarán and Workshop: Saint Jerome with Saint Paula and Saint Eustochium (1640-1650)

Tomás Giner: Saint Vincent of Saragossa (1462-1466)

Quiringh Gerritsz. van Brekelenkam: Interior with a woman and a reading man (1650 - 1668)

Master of the Burg Weiler Altarpiece: The Burg Weiler Altar Triptych (1470)

Pieter Bruegel the Elder: The stone-cutter or the Witch of Mallegem (1559)

Lavinia Fontana: Portrait of Bianca Degli Utili Maselli and her children (1604-1605)

Anonymous: Codex Mendoza, page 67r - a night reconnaissance and 4 Aztec generals (1542)

Master of the Legend of Mary Magdalene: Portrait of Antoine Molckmans and Catherine van der Merct (1520-1540)

Jacob Jordaens (I): Portrait of Catharina Behaghel, Rogier Le Witer and Magdalena de Cuyper (1635)

Master of the Female Half-lengths: Three Young Women Making Music with a Jester (1500-1530)

Jan Adam Kruseman: Portrait of the regents of the Amsterdam Leprosy Hospital (1834-1835)

Jan Steen: The Feast of Saint Nicholas (1665 - 1668)

Anonymous: Codex Borgia, page 71 - the sun, moon and 13 birds (13th-15th century)

Bastiano Mainardi: Madonna and Child with saints (1507)

Benjamin West: The Death of the Stag (1786)

British School: Field of the Cloth of Gold (1545)