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Dieric Bouts and Hugo van der Goes: Triptych of Saint Hippolytus of Rome (1470)

Jan Woutersz. Stap: The office of the notary (1629)

Julius Henricus Quinkhard: A violinist and a flutist making music (1755)

Jan de Bray: The regents of the guild of Saint Luke in Haarlem (1675)

Jan Jansz Mostaert: Landscape with an episode from the Conquest of America (1545)

Jan Cornelisz. Vermeyen: The calling of St John during the marriage at Cana (1530-1532)

Matthijs Naiveu: The regents of the Peat Porters Guild of leiden (1677)

Albrecht Dürer: An Oriental Ruler Seated on His Throne (1495)

Biagio d'Antonio: Scenes from the Story of the Argonauts (1465)

Anonymous: Portrait of Pierre de Moucheron, Isabeau de Gerbier and their family (1563)

Bernard Picart: Sketches of several men (1683 - 1733)

Joachim Beuckelaer: The Well-Stocked Kitchen (1566)

Leonardo da Vinci: Portrait of Ginevra de' Benci (1474-1478)

Jacob Cornelisz. van Oostsanen: Noli me Tangere (1507)

Georg Sturm: The justice of count William III 'the Good' of Holland (1885)

Master of the Amsterdam cabinet: a Wild man on a unicorn (1473 - 1477)

Artus Quellinus (I): Portrait of Andries de Graeff (1661)

Émile-Charles Wauters: Mary of Burgundy Granting the Great Privilege (1878)

Cornelis Anthonisz.: Map of Amsterdam (1538)

Jan de Baen: The Syndics of the cloth hall in Leiden (1675)

Antoni Fabrés: The Sultan's Gift (1885-1886)