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Joachim Wtewael: Perseus and Andromeda (1611)

Alfred Stevens: Elegant Figures in a Salon (19th century)

Auguste Toulmouche: The blue dress (1870-1872)

Charles le Brun: Portrait of Everhard Jabach and His Family (1660)

Jheronimus Bosch: The Haywain Triptych (1515)

Jan van Huysum: Still life with flowers (1723)

Anonymous: The Padshahnama plate 17 - Shah-Jahan receives the Persian ambassador, Muhammad-Ali Beg on 26 March 1631 (1656-1657)

Jan Willem Pieneman: The battle of Waterloo, 18 June 1815 (1824)

Carlo Crivelli: Maria Magdalena (1480)

Jean-Marc Nattier: Portrait of Princess Marie Adélaïde of France, Duchess of Louvois (1758)

Maerten de Vos: Moses and the Ten Commandments (1574-1575)

Albrecht Dürer: Knight, Death, and the Devil (1513)

Anonymous: Portrait of Lysbeth van Duvenvoorde (1430)

Philippe Mercier: The Five Senses - The Sense of Hearing (1744-1747)

Alexander Roslin: Portrait of Jeanne Sophie de Vignerot du Plessis, Countess of Egmont Pignatelli in Spanish Costume (1763)

Alexander Roslin: Portrait of Grand Duchess Maria Feodorovna (1777)

Abraham Liedts: The company of captain Dirck Veen (1653)

Bartholomeus van der Helst: Officers of the company of captain Cornelis Jansz. Witsen and lieutenant Johan Oetgens van Waveren at the civic guard's banquet in celebration of the Treaty of Münster (1648)

Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn: The Company of captain Frans Banning Cocq and lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburch preparing to march out (also known as 'The Night Watch'), (1639-1642)

Cornelis Anthonisz.: Squad A of the Cloveniers civic guard of Amsterdam (1531)

Jan Anthonisz. van Ravesteyn: The officers of the White company (1638)