Tintoretto: Saint Mark Cycle - Finding the body of Saint. Mark/ Saint Mark Working Many Miracles (1562-1566)

(Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan, Italy)

A painting from the Italian master Jacopo Comin, better known as Tintoretto (1519-1594). It is a part of a cycle of 3 paintings about Saint Mark, the patron saint of Venice. According to the legends the saint died a martyrs death in Egypt and was buried in Alexandria. In A.D. 828 Venetians merchants stole the body (as seen in another painting in the cycle) and brought it for reburial to Venice but was eventually lost again. In the 11th century the body was rediscovered during construction works on the new saint Mark's basilica: by a miracle the saint appeared and showed the location of his body. Originally this painting was called "The finding of the body of St. Mark on June 25, 1094 during the construction of the new basilica in Venice" were it showed the miracle of the rediscovery of the saint's body in 1094.  Today, the painting is called "St. Mark working many miracles": the saint is depicted raising a man from the dead, restoring a blind man's sight and casting out devils. Painting from 1562-1566. 

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