Hendrick Gerritsz Pot: Officers and Sub-Alterns leaving the Calivermen's Headquarters in Haarlem (1630)

(Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem, Netherlands)

This is a so-called 'civic-guard piece' (Dutch is 'schuttersstuk'). A civic guard (schutterij) was a militia recruited from volunteers from a city. Their duty was to protect the city in times of trouble (war, rebellion etc). The people on this painting are the officers of such a civic guard.
Their names from left to right:

- Captain Pieters Maertensz Oudewaagh, member of the citycouncil of of Haarlem
- Colonel Pieter Jacobsz Olycan (with staff), was a mayor of Haarlem, brewer at the 'de Vogelstruys-brewery' and director with the W.I.C.
- Captain Pieters Maertensz Oudewaagh
- Captain Dirck Herculesz Schatter, member of the citycouncil of of Haarlem
- Captain Jonas de Jongh, member of the citycouncil of of Haarlem and a brewer at the 'de Drie Cruysen-brewery'
- Lieutenant Jan Willemsz Beelt, member of the citycouncil of of Haarlem and malt maker
- Lieutenant Florens Pietersz van der Hoeff, was a mayor of Haarlem
- Standard-bearer Salomon Colterman
- Sergeant Nicolaes Olycan, owner of the brewery 't Scheepje in Haarlem
- Willem Ruychaver, he was the innkeeper at the Calivermen's Headquarters in Haarlem.
- Sergeant Hendrick Claesz Everswijn
- Sergeant Jacob Buttinga. regent at the Holy Spirit Orphanage in Haarlem

Painting from 1630