Titian: Equestrian Portrait of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (1548)

(Museo del Prado, Madrid , Spain)

A famous painting by Titian. This painting inspired a new type of portrait - the equestrian portrait of a monarch. The occasion for this portrait was the battle of Mühlberg on 24 April 1547 in which the catholic Spanish-Imperial armies defeated the Lutheran armies of the Schmalkaldic League. Charles specified how he wanted to be presented on the painting and Titian had close contact with the emporer during this period. Te emperor is presented as a militairy knight-saint like Saint George, one who succesfully defended the catholic faith against its enemies (the red on the armour of Charles represents the Catholic faith). Titian faithfully copied the armour of Charles and the caparison of the horse. A very powerfull painting in which Charles is the great hero. Painting from 1548.