Bernhard Strigel: The Family of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I (1515)

(Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria)

This paintings shows the Habsburg Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, and his family. Maximilian is the man on the left, with the red hat. To his right (standing) is his son Philip the Fair (future King of Castile and Léon, Duke of Burgundy). To the right of Philips stands Mary the Rich, Duchess of Burgundy. She was the only child of Charles the Bold, duke of Burgundy. Mary was the first wife of Maximilian.
Sitting at the table are 2 grandchildren of Maximilian. Sitting at the left is Ferdinand, future king of Bohemia and Hungary, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Next to him sits Charles V, future king of Spain, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Next to Charles sits Louis II of Hungary (husband of Mary of Austria, granddaughter of Maximilian). Notice also the prominent "Habsburg Jaw" of Charles V. This was a family trait of the Habsburg-family as a result of politically motivated marriages between family-members. This painting is from around 1515.