Jan Antonisz van Ravesteyn: The City council of The Hague (1636)

(Haags Historisch Museum, The Hague, The Netherlands)

This groups portrait shows us the entire Municipal council of the Hague. The occasion of this meeting is the construction of a new building for the Civic Guard of the Hague. The persons on the painting are (clockwise from left to right):

- in the left corner: Quintijn de Veer. Lord of Calans-ooge, lawyer, Master of Laws. He was the Bailiff AND the sheriff (schout). This makes him the most powerfull person on the painting.
- Philips Doublet, lord of St. Annaland en Moggershil. He is the secretary of the city. A servant is standing behind him.
- Nicasius Hanneman, one of the three mayors of The Hague (Dutch cities usually had more then 1 mayor in this period)
- Aelbert Bosch. the second of the mayors of The Hague
- Coenraet Houttuyn, The first of the 6 Schepenen of The Hague. The 'Schepenen' were a group who assist the mayors in governing the city
- Cornelis van soutelande, another Schepen
- Adriaen van Assendelft, also a Schepen
- Jacob Snels. A Schepen. He has the new design of new building for the Civic Guard
- Ewout Brandt, Right corner, also a schepen
- Hendrik van Slichtenhorst. He sits opposite of Ewout Brandt, also a Schepen.
- Arent Quartelaer. The third mayor of The Hague. He sits between Hendrik van Slichtenhorst and Quintijn de Veer.

On the right there is a group of 3 persons standing. The first at the front is Arent van ’s-Gravezande. He holds a thumbscrew compass in his hand and is the architect of the new building. Behind him with staff is the carpenter of the city. He acts as the General contractor. The third standing person, who is taking of his hat, is unknown to me. This painting is from 1636.