Louis Michel van Loo: The Family of Philip V, King of Spain (1743)

(Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain)

Louis Michel van Loo was a French painter who painted many portraits of the French royal family. He worked as a painter at the Spanish court from 1737 to 1752. In this period he made this large painting of the entire family of the king of Spain.
The persons on the painting are (from left to right):

1.Maria Anna Victoria of Spain, Princess of Brazil (1718-1781), future queen of Portugal.
2.Barbara of Portugal, Princess of Asturias (1711-1758), future queen of Spain. Wife of Ferdinand, Prince of Asturias.
3.Ferdinand, Prince of Asturias (1713-1759), future king of Spain.
4.King Philip V (1683-1746)
5.Cardinal Infante Louis (1727-1785), future count of Chinchón.
6.Queen Elisabeth (1692-1766), second wife of Philip V
7.Infante Philip (1720-1765) future duke of Parma.
8.Louise Élisabeth of France (1727-1759), future duchess of Parma. Wife of Infante Philip and daughter of King Louis XV of France
9.Infanta Maria Theresa (1726-1746), future dauphine of France.
10.Infanta Maria Antonia Ferdinanda (1729-1785), future queen of Sardinia.
11.Maria Amalia of Saxony (1724-1760), future queen of Spain. wife of Charles, king of Naples
12.Charles, King of Naples (1716-1788), future king of Spain.

In the foreground:
13.Infanta Isabella (1741-1763) future archduchess of Austria.
14.Maria Isabella Anna of Naples and Sicily (1743-1749), died young.

The painting gives a wealth of jewels and fabrics of the Spanish court during the 18th century. Notice also the band at the top, partially hidden by a red curtain. Painting from 1743.