Frans Hals: The Banquet of the Officers of the Saint Adrian Civic Guard Company (1627)

(Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem, The Netherlands)

Frans Hals is one of the most important Dutch painters from the 17th century. He was a member of the local civic guard (Dutch=schutterij) of his town Haarlem and he received several commissions to paint the officers of these civic guard units. Officers of these units had real-time jobs and served for three years after which a banquet was held to celebrate their end of service. Present on the painting are (from left to right):

Ensign Adriaen Matham, 
Ensign Loth Schout (brewer in Haarlem)
Colonel Willem Claesz Voogt, with orange shash and the large wineglas (mayor of Haarlem) 
fiscaal/provost Johan Damius 
Captain Johan Schatter (seated in front), (brewer and mayor of Haarlem)
Captain Gilles de Wildt (seated behind the table with knife in hand), 
Servant Willem Ruychaver (standing behind Gilles de Wildt holding a pitcher), 
Captain Willem Warmont (seated in front), (brewer and mayor of Haarlem)
Ensign Pieter Ramp, 
Lieutenant Outgert Ariss Akersloot (offering a dish to Fiscaal Damius), silversmith
Lieutenant Claes van Napels (standing with white plume) 
Lieutenant Matthys Haeswindius (seated at the foot of the table). 

The painting was itself hung int he main hall of the 'Doelen' building (the building were the members of the civic guard could practice with their weapons) of the civic guard of Haarlem. Painting from 1627.