Abraham Liedts: The company of captain Dirck Veen (1653)

(Westfries Museum, Hoorn, The Netherlands)

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The last civic guard piece this week. This group is from the civic guard of Hoorn. Less wealthy than the civic guard units from Amsterdam and Haarlem, the civic guards from Hoorn commissioned only a few portraits of themselves. This portrait was done by the virtual unknown Dutch painter Abraham Liedts. Liedts was a member of the civic guard of Hoorn which probably was the main reason he got the order. A note in the archives from the civic guards of Hoorn prove that Abraham Liedts received 36 guilders for this painting (far less than the 1600 guilders which Rembrandt received for the Night Watch!). The names of the men on the painting have been preserved. Present on the painting are:

- captain Dirck Veen, sitting in front of the table with the blue ribbon and command staf.
- Lieutenant Jan Hendricksz., sitting in the chair with the red robe, he has a spontoon (sign of his rank)
- standard-bearer Nicolaas van Neck, standing with the flag of the company 
- sergeant Albert Coninck, one of the two men with a halberd
- sergeant Hendrick Cornelisz. Pot, one of the two men with a halberd
- Dirck Teunisz Soop
- Barent Jansz ter Hegge 
- Gerritsz, Abraham
- Jan Jansz. Schaft, 
- Otto Hinlopen, 
- Jacob Groot, 
- Jan de Rosendael, 
- Jacobus Sonnekus, 
- Abraham Liedts, the painter himself - he is probably the 3rd person from left standing
- the innkeeper (name unknown), bareheaded, 4th standing person from left

Painting from 1653.