Anonymous: Codex Manesse; folio 399r - Meister Heinrich Frauenlob (1304-1340)

(Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany)

The last page from a book this week, this time a page from the famous Codex Manesse. The Codex Manesse is a medieval songbook and contains Minnesang (love songs), poems and fables. The manuscript has a portrait of each poet, followed by the text of their work. The 135 entries are organized according to their social status - starting with the Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI (reign 1191–1197), king Conradin of Jerusalem and Sicily (reign 1254-1268)  down through dukes, counts, knights and commoners. This page shows the portrait of the German poet Heinrich Frauenlob (1250/1260-1318). The coat of arms top right has an image of the face of a woman - 'Frauenlob' means 'praise of women'. Book from 1304-1340.