Workshop of Rogier van der Weyden: Portrait of Isabella of Portugal, Duchess of Burgundy (1445-1450)

(Getty Center, Los Angeles, California, USA)

Yesterday the first half of the couple, today the other half. This beautiful painting is a portrait of Isabella of Portugal (1397-1471), the third wife of Duke Philip III 'the Good' of Burgundy. Isabella was the fourth child of king John I of Portugal and Philippa of Lancaster. Philip III 'the Good' was married two times but neither marriage produced a child. Isabella received an offer of marriage in 1428. As Portugal was an upcoming economy, a marriage between Burgundy and Portugal would benefit the economy and would also strengthen the political ties with England (king Henry V of England was the cousin of Isabella). Although her husband had numerous illegitimate children with other women, the marriage proved to be a successful one and produced three sons, including the future duke of Burgundy Charles the Bold. Isabella was very interested in politics and served as her husband's representative in negotiations with several occasions and also served as the minister of finance for a period. After 1457 Isabella withdrew from the court as she wanted to be live a more devout and quieter life. isabella died in 1471 in Dijon. Painting from 1445-1450.