Michael Ancher: Fishermen launching a rowing boat (1881)

(Skagens Museum, Skagen, Denmark)

Another painting from the Skagen Painters, this time from the Danish painter Michael Ancher. Ancher painting a lot of fishermen from Skagen. This painting shows a group of them, from left ot right: fishermen Peter Svendsen and Jens Peter Karre are holding an oar, Ole Svendsen (standing in the water in front of the boat to the left), next to him in blue shirt is Anders Johansen, Laurits Karre is standing behind the boat, far right is Christian Olsen and Anders Carlsen, Anders Godsk is standing in the boat at the helm and at far right stands Niels Henriksen with his hands behind his back. The Skagen painters had a somewhat romantic and heroic view of the fishermen and this painting is a nice example of this. Painting from 1881.