Brunswick Monogrammist: Brothel scene with fighting prostitutes (1530)

(Gemäldegalerie, Berlin, Germany)

The name 'Brunswick Monogrammist' is a name which is used for an anonymous Dutch painter from the 16th century. The Brunswick Monogrammist is especially known for his several brothel and tavern scenes like this painting. Customers and prostitutes are drinking while 2 of them are fighting on the right side - a man pours water of them to cool them off. The birdcage at the entrance of the tavern is a sign that this is a brothel ('vogelen' of 'birding' was an old word for making love). Notice also the large amount of graffiti on the walls. Above the table is a text that reads ‘Dat Ding Doet Die Dochter Dalen’ or "that thing lowers your daughter". Above the text are pictures of landsknechten, like the picture from my update of yesterday. The meaning of the several symbols on the walls are unknown, although several obscene pictures also can be seen above the table. Painting from around 1530.