Jan Stolker: Portrait of Theodorus Bisdom van Vliet and his family (1757)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Nice family portait by the Dutch painter Jan Stolker (1724-1785). Depicted is Theodorus Bisdom van Vliet with his wife sons and daughters, an important family in and around the town of Haastrecht. Depicted on the painting, from left to right:

- Cornelis (1737-73), group above left
- Maria Theodora (1739-1828), group above left
- Adriana Elisabeth (1742-76), group above left
- Agatha (1743-76), group below left
- Johanna Margaretha (1735-64), group below left
- Johan de Wijs (1740-62), with flute, group below left
- Theodorus Bisdom van Vliet (1698-1777), merchant, Lord of Vliet, mayor of Haastrecht and Dijkgraaf of the water board (Dutch= Hoogheemraadschap) of the Krimpenerwaard 
- Maria van Harthals (1703-63)
- Elisabeth (1727-64) with handheld fan
- Marcellus (1729-1806), far right
- on horse Adriaan Jacob (1732-90)
- Evert (1733-86), with his hat in his hand

Painting from 1757