Joris van Schooten: Officers of the Orange-White-Green company of captain Harman van Brosterhuyzen from the civic guard of Leiden (1626)

(Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden, The Netherlands)

A work from the Dutch painter Joris van Schooten (1587-1651). This painting was part of a set of 6 paintings, each depicting a company of the civic guard of the town of Leiden. Each company was distinguished by a color as uniforms didn't exist back then - this is the Orange-White-Green company. The names of these officers have been preserved. From left to right:

- Jan Pietersz de Haas, Lieutenant-Captain of the company. He is second-in-command of the company
- Cornelis Claesz. van Noort, sergeant in the company
- Hendrik Jacobsz. van Sonnevelt, sergeant in the company
- Harman van Brosterhuyzen, Captain. He leads the company. He holds a staff as a sign of his rank.
- David Bailly. Bailly was an artist who served as ensign-bearer in the company 
- Jan Pietersz. Verbeek, quartermaster
- Jacob Arentz. Haverinberck, Lieutenant-ensign

The portrait of David Bailly was done by Bailly himself, Joris van Schooten painted the rest. Painting from 1626.