Anonymous: Maya Vase K2914 (A.D. 600-800)

(Denver Art Museum, Denver, USA)

A roll-out photo of a nice Maya vase. Depicted on this vase is a palace scene of a Maya noble. Central at the scene is a Maya noble. He is sniffing a flower and is engaged in a discussion with the man on the left. The man on the left is an admirer of the girl most far right (her mother is sitting next to her, leaning forward as she wants to add something to the discussion), he is touching his own shoulder in a gesture of respect. The discussion which the group is having is a marriage negotiation. Behind the admirer sits one of his  attendants while another attendant (a court dwarf) is sitting in the in lower register. This attendant is sitting amongst tribute gifts which the admirer has brought with him.. The gift consists of fans, woven mats, a cone of salt and 3 bags of cacao beans (cacao beans were considered extremely valuable by the Maya). Behind the noble are sitting 4 men - they are probably his sons. On the left of the ruler is a tube shapped object - this is a vessel with chocolate. Vase from A.D. 600-800.