Edwin Austin Abbey: The Quest for the Holy Grail, Part 3 - The Arthurian Round Table and the fable of the Seat Perilous (1895)

(Boston Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

Part 3 of the Quest from the holy grail. This scene shows the round table with king Arthur. All the seats around the round table have been taken by various knight except for 1: the so-called 'Seat Perilous' or Siege Perilous. This vacant seat is reserved by Merlin for the knight who would one day be successful in the quest for the Holy Grail, it is fatal to anyone else who sits in it. Suddenly all the doors and windows in the room close and a old man dressen in white (Joseph of Arimathea) comes in with the young Galahad, dressed in red as a sign of purity. The old man in white lead Galahad to the Seat Perilous and installs Galahad safely in the seat. King Arthur and all the other people immediatly recognize Galahad as being the chosen one (angels surround the group and praise Galahad) and King arther proclaims Galahad to be the greatest knight ever. Galahad is invited to join the Round Table and shortly thereafter the group witnesses an ethereal vision of the Holy Grail. The quest for the holy Grail has begun.  Painting from 1895.

Part 1: The child Galahad
Part 2: Sir Lancelot and Sir Bors outfit Galahad with his spurs
Part 3: The Arthurian Round Table and the fable of the Seat Perilous
Part 4: The knights of the Round Table set forth on the search for the Holy Grail
Part 5: King Amfortas and the castle of the Grail lie under a spell
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Part 11: The passing of King Amfortas
Part 12: Sir Galahad passes from the land
Part 13: Sir Galahad crosses the seas in Solomon's ship
Part 14: The city of Sarras
Part 15: The Golden Tree