Edwin Austin Abbey: The Quest for the Holy Grail, Part 6 - Sir Galahad contemplates his quest (1895)

(Boston Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

Galahad awakens in Castle of the Grail and finds the castle deserted. Galahad rides out of the castle, hoping to find the inhabitants of the castle in the surrounding forest. After leaving the castle the drawbridge immediatly closes behind him and Galahad fall into despair and meets 3 damsels. The first, the Loathly Damsel, is riding upon a pale mule with a golden bridle. This damsel was once beautiful but now she is hideous and wears a red cloak and in her arms she holds the head of a dead king. The second damsel is riding behind her and acts as an esquire. The third damsel, dressed as a stripling, holds a whip with which she drives the two riders. The 2 damsels wander and perform, against their will, deeds of wickedness until the sinless Virgin Knight comes to the Castle of the Grail and askes 'The Question'. The 3 ladies see Galahad and mock and curse him for failing the previous day and restoring peace and plenty to the land. Galahad must encounter many adventures and remain sinless before he can return to the castle of the grail to redeem the sin-stricken land.

Part 1: The child Galahad
Part 2: Sir Lancelot and Sir Bors outfit Galahad with his spurs
Part 3: The Arthurian Round Table and the fable of the Seat Perilous
Part 4: The knights of the Round Table set forth on the search for the Holy Grail
Part 5: King Amfortas and the castle of the Grail lie under a spell
Part 6: Sir Galahad contemplates his quest
Part 7: The 7 Knights of Darkness
Part 8: Sir Galahad receives the key to the Castle of Maidens
Part 9: The Castle of Maidens
Part 10: Galahad Parts From His Bride Blanchefleur
Part 11: The passing of King Amfortas
Part 12: Sir Galahad passes from the land
Part 13: Sir Galahad crosses the seas in Solomon's ship
Part 14: The city of Sarras
Part 15: The Golden Tree