Jheronimus Bosch: The Garden of Earthly Delights, right panel (1490-1510)

(Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain)

The right panel shows a pictorial of Hell - the direct consequence of the corruption of man. The panel has several complex scenes. 
In the bottom right corner is a group of a man, a helmeted demon, A man wearing a pale-red robe and a pig dressed up as a nun. The man has an document on his lap (the red seals indicate that this is an important legal document. The group surrounding the man have dressed up as a knight, a nun and a clerk and are pressing the man into signing the document. The document mayby a pact with the devil or something like that.
In the bottom left of the right panel is a group of demons who are gambling (depicted are backgammon and card and dice games) for the souls of the unfortunate men and women. The mouse-demon below who is about to thrust a sword in the chest of a man, is holding a blue shield which has a cut blessing hand and a dice - this is a devilish parody on the divine blessing on the left panel.
Above the gamling demon group is an array of instruments and a demon. The men and women form a part of these instruments:  a man has been tied to the neck of a giant lute, a person is inside a blue drum, another is pierced by the strings of an enormous harp while a bling beggar sits on a hurdy-gurdy with a woman and a triangle is in the instrument itself. The demon on the ground has a musical score which has been written on the backside of a sinner. The musical instruments have been turned into instruments of torture - . The sinner is punished and tortured with the very objects that lead to lewd and lascivious behaviour (spontaneous music-making would only lead to secular dancing and debauchery). On the right of the music group is sitting a soul-devouring demon with an owl face: the demon is sitting on a giant potty chair. Human souls are being consumed and excreted simultaneously as they go straight into the sewer below him. 
In the center of the panel is the famous tree man. The tree man has a human face (probably a self-portrait of Jheronimus Bosch) and has an open torso in which a tavern is located. The bagpipe on the sign of the tavern and on the head of the tree man is a sign of sloth and idleness - probably the reason for the souls ending in hell. 
The upper part of the right panel is buring city: large fires consume the city while people are trying to escape the inferno while a large army headed by a horned demon is charging the gates