Anonymous: Portrait of Pierre de Moucheron, Isabeau de Gerbier and their family (1563)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

A large groupportrait of 22 persons in total. The two central persons are is the couple with the text above their heads. The central man with the etxt ' ETATIS SVE. 55' on the is Pierre de Moucheron (1508-67), he originated from a noble Norman family and was winemerchant in Middelburg and Antwerp and is 55 on this painting. The woman next to him with the text 'ETATIS SVE. 45' is his wife Isabeau de Gerbier (1518-1568, daughter of a French Merchant, she is 45. The other people on the painting are the 18 children of Pierre and Isabeau. The man sitting next to Pierre de Moucheron is the son-in-law Allard de la Dale. He was married with a daughter of Pierre and Isabeau (probably the woman who is sitting next to Isabeau with the rattle and the 2 year old child (the grandchild of Pierre and Isabeau). Every person has a small number above his/ her head - this is their age. The instrument which the girl is playing on the right is a virginal (symbol of the harmony within the family). The text on the virginal reads 'Omnia dat Dominus non habet ergo minus' - 'The Lord provides everything and yet has nothing less'. Painting from 1563.