Artus Quellinus (I): Portrait of Andries de Graeff (1661)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

A marble bust made by the Flemish artist Artus Quellinus the Elder (1609-1668). The bust is a portrait of Andries de Graeff (1611-1678), member of the powerfull de Graeff family and a very powerfull figure during the Dutch Golden age. Andries was 7 times mayor of Amsterdam, Free Imperial Knight of the Holy Roman Empire, a lord of the manor from Urk en Emmeloord, chiefcouncillor of the Admiralty of Amsterdam, chieflandholder of the Watergraafsmeer and dijkgraaf van Nieuwer-Amstel, Finance minister of Holland, a patron, an art collector and 1 of the wealthiest men in the Netherlands. Andries is shown here as mayor of Amsterdam. The text below him reads: 'AND. DE. GRAEFF. COS AMST.' and 'A. QUELLINO. F. CICICLXI' - which translates as "Andries de Graef, consul of Amsterdam, Artus Quellinus created this in 1661".