Jan Woutersz. Stap: The office of the notary (1629)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

A painting from the Dutch painter Jan Woutersz. Stap (1599-1663). The text on the book reads: 'Anno 1.29 den 13/J[.]nnewarij hebbe ick/ontvangen van Pieter/Pietersen op dat nase/dorp 29 gul 7 stuver/noch 8 gul x stuij'. Translated this means "In the year 1.29 on 13., i have recieved 29 guilders and 7 nickels from Pieter/ Pietersen of the nearby village/ stil need 8 guilders and 10 nickels". A clerck is in a discussion with a man and a woman, probably about the debt the couple still have. Painting from 1629.