Hans Burgkmair the Younger: Burgkmair Turnierbuch (Cod.icon. 403), (1540)

(The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich, Germany)

A drawing made by the German artist Hans Burgkmair the Younger (1500-1559). This drawing comes from the so-called 'Burgkmair Turnierbuch' (BSB Cod.icon. 403). The book contains a set of hand-painted illustrations which are copies of unpublished designs made by his father, Hans Burgkmair the Elder. The origal designs were intended for a propaganda tribute book ('The Triumphs of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I') which was to perpetuate the memory of the emperor and his family. Each illustration shows mounted members of the court and court officials, each clad in armour. Drawing from 1540.