Anthony van Dyck: Portrait of Lord John Stuart and his brother Lord Bernard Stuart (1638)

(The National Gallery, London, UK)

A painting by the Flemish master Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641). Although Anthony van Dyck was born in Antwerp he became the leading court painter of king Charles I of England. He produced a large amount of portraits of charles I, his family and court. This portrait shows two sons of Esmé Stewart (1579-1624), 3rd Duke of Lennox, and his wife Katherine Clifton (1592-1637), 2nd Baroness Clifton. On the left is Lord John Stuart (1621 - 1644), next to him is his brother Lord Bernard Stuart (1622 - 1645). During the English Civil War (1641-1651) both brothers joined the Royalist side (the supporters of King Charles I, opposed to the Parliamentarians - the supporters of the Parliaments of England and Scotland led by Oliver Cromwell). Both brothers were killed during the civil war: John Stuart was killed at the Battle of Bramdene on 29 March 1644, Bernard Stuart died of injuries received during sortie against besieging Parliamentary forces in the Battle of Rowton Heath in September 1645. Painting from 1638.