Domenico Tintoretto: Tancred Baptizing Clorinda (1586-1600)

(Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA)

A painting from the Italian artist Domenico Tintoretto (1560-1635). The painting shows an episode from the book 'Jerusalem Delivered' by Italian poet Torquato Tasso, first published in 1581. The book is a version of the First Crusade (1096-1099) in which historical and fictional stories are combined. The painting shows 2 characters from the book: the Christian knight Tancred and warrior-maiden Clorinda who fights on the Muslim side. Tancred falls in love with Clorinda but during a night battle she is mistakenly killed by Tancred. Clorinda converts to Christianity before dying (which is shows on this painting). Painting from 1586-1600.