Anonymous: Geertruy Haeck Kneeling in adoration before Saint Agnes (1450-1474)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

A commemorative panel by an unknown Dutch artist. This painting was made to commemorate the nun who is kneeling on the right and it was propably hung at her grave. Her name is Geertruy Haeck-van Slingelandt van der Tempel (1425-1467), het coat-or-arms is hanging in the upper right corner, and she was the widow of Adriaen Hermansz. Haeck, mayor of the town of Dordrecht. After the death of her husband she became a nun in the order of Saint Agnes. The woman on the left is Saint Agnes of Rome who is the patron saint of chastity, young girls, rape survivors etc. The lamb, Agnus in latin, is a symbol of her virginal innocence. Geertruy is praying to the patron saint of her order: the text above her reads "Sancta . Agneta . ora . pro . me", which translates as "Saint Agnes, pray for me". Painting from 1450-1474.