Christoph Amberger: Portrait of a man & woman (1525)

(Kunst Historisches Museum, Vienna, Austria)

A set of two portraits by the German painter Christoph Amberger (1505-1562). A unknown German man and woman, the text on both paintings shows that the man is 24 ('AETATIS. XXIIII') and the woman is 31 ('AETATIS. XXXI'). At the top of both paintings there are also latin inscriptions, personal mottos of the couple: 
- At the top of the painting of the man: 'CREDO. VIDERE. BONA. DOMINI. IN. TERRA. VIVENTIVM. PSAL. XXVII' = 'I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.' (Psalm 27:13) 

- At the top of the painting of the woman: 'NON. DERELINQVAS. ME. DNE. DEVS. MEVS. NE. DISCESSERIS. A. ME - PSAL. XXXVIII'  = 'Lord, do not forsake me, do not be far from me' (Psalm 38:21)

Set of paintings from 1525.