Cornelis de Man: Portrait of Reyer Reyersz. van der Burch and his family (1673)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

A painting by the Dutch artist Cornelis de Man (1621-1706). Depicted is Reyer Reyersz van der Burch, his wife and their 5 children. Reyer Reyersz van der Burch was an civil servant (in Dutch 'commies') who was responsible for the ammunition of the artillery warehouse of the province Holland at the Korte Geer in the town of Delft (Armamentarium Ordinum Hollandia & West Frisia, in Dutch 'De Generaliteits magazijnen voor de Staten van Holland en West Firesland). This building is depicted on the right side with a crane in front of it. From 1986 to 2013 the Royal Dutch Army Museum was located in this building. Depicted from left to right:

- Reyer Reyersz van der Burch (1630-1695), 'commies' for the ammunition
- Vranck (Frank) van der Burch (1658-1715), Bailiff of Delfland, 'dijkgraaf' of Delfland (chair of a Dutch water board), commies' for the ammunition member of the artillery warehouse of Holland, member of the city council of Delft, director of the Dutch East India Company (V.O.C.). Married with Petronella Boogaert in 30 October 1684 and later with Catharina Philippina Doublet on 19 October 1694, got 9 children.
- Reijer van der Burch (1661-1695), secretary of the orphanage in Delft. Married with Agatha Albertsdr. van der Burch
- Geertruid Graswinckel (1627-1703), wife of Reyer Reyersz van der Burch since 7 november 1557
- Alida van der Burch (1670-1727). Married with Adriaan Gerrit Doublet on 17 December 1697. 
- Maria van der Burch (1667-1723)
- Cornelis van der Burch (1660-1690), died unmarried

Painting from 1673.