Cornelis Troost: Guardroom with several officers (1748)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

A painting by the Dutch artist and actor Cornelis Troost (1696-1750). Shown is a 'guardroom' (in dutch 'Wachtlokaal') which was a room/ building in use by the civic guard of a town where they could relax for a moment - in this case a group of officers of the civic guard are smoking (notice the characteristic long pipes) and playing cards. The red with lion coat of arms which hangs in the background is the coat of arms (in Dutch 'Generaliteitswapen) of the 'Republic of the Seven United Netherlands' as the Netherlands was called in the period 1581-1795. The other coat of arms which hangs on the wall (the oval one) belongs to prince William IV of Orange-Nassau. Painting from 1748.