Abraham van den Tempel: Portrait of David Leeuw and his family (1671)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

A typical family portrait by the Dutch artist Abraham van den Tempel (1622-1672). Depicted is the family of the wealthy merchant David Leeuw (1631-1703) from Asmterdam. Depicted are (from left to right):

- Cornelia Leeuw (1662/63-1708)
- Cornelia Hooft (1631-1708)
- David Leeuw (1631-1703), merchant on Russia, lived at the Rokin in Amsterdam, owner of the villa 'Leeuw-en-Hooft' in Heemstede
- Suzanna (1669-1726), sitting on the lap of het mother Cornelia; married with Dirk van Lennep, got 2 children
- Weyntje (1659-1728), playing on a harpsichord; married with Aernout van Lennep en got 2 children
- Maria Leeuw (1652/53-1721)
- Pieter Leeuw (1656/57-77), playing on a viola da gamba 

The solidarity of the family is depicted by the gesture of the hand of David Leeuw, the caressing fingers of his wife and the musical instruments (symbol of the 'harmony within the family'). The family is playing a religieus song - this is a symbol of their piety (David Leeuw was a baptist). Painting from 1671.