Cornelis Anthonisz.: The story of Carelessness (1541)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam The Netherlands)

A really nice set of 6 Wood engravings by the Dutch artist Cornelis Anthonisz. (1505-1553). This allegorical set shows the moralistic story of 'Carelessness' as he losses everything and is a variant of the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) from the Bible. Each engraving also has a small text witten by Jacob Jacobzoon Jonck which tells the story in the words of Carelessness and a moral lecture by the poet. The poet tells us viewers not to live the life of careless but to live in moderation and  In this post i have added the entire set as a single picture, i will also post each engraving seperatly with also the text  by Jacob Jacobzoon Jonck of each engraving (see the links below).The story goes from left to right - above is engraving 1, 2 and 3; below is engraving 4, 5 and 6

1: The Hunt - Carelessness ('Sorgheloos') is going on a hunt, he is accompanied by his sweetheart Wealth ('Weelde') and his servant Comfort ('Gemack'). The text explains the parents of Carelessness saved all their money but Carelessness wants to spend it on liquor and prostitutes as life is short.
2: The Meal - Carelessness, Wealth and Comfort arrive in the tavern and brothel 'Quistenburch' (= extravagance, 'The house of Luxury'). The group drink and eat until they are full
3: The Ball - After the meal, Carelessness dances with Wealth while the musicians are playing the song 'vanden keyen' (= 'of the fool')
4: The Gamble - Carelessness is now gambling with cards and dices. Everything is going for Carelessness until fate ('Lichte Fortune'), Poor ('Pover') and Poverty ('Armoede') come in and visit the gaming table.
5: Carelessness is driven from the tavern by poverty - Carelessness has lost all his money and beautiful clothes and is chased from the house of Luxury by Poverty and Poor. Comfort and Wealth also abandon Carelessness 
6: Carelessness lives in proverty - Having lost everything, Carelessness is now living with Poverty and Poor. Carelessness is dressed in filthy clothes, uses straw for fire, his friends have also abandoned him.

The whole set comes from 1541.

The individual engravings:
Part1: The Hunt
Part2: The Meal
Part3: The Ball
Part4: The Gamble
Part5: Carelessness is driven from the tavern by poverty
Part6: Carelessness lives in proverty