Cornelis Anthonisz.: The story of Carelessness, part 2 - The Meal (1541)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam The Netherlands)

The second part of the story of  Carelessness by the Dutch artist Cornelis Anthonisz. (1505-1553): Carelessness, Wealth and Comfort arrive in the tavern and brothel 'Quistenburch' (= extravagance, 'The house of Luxury'). The group drink and eat until they are full. 

The text (Translation by Michael Hoyle, Amsterdam, 1985); 

The words of Carelessness:
‘Tsa laet ons nv storten ende poeyen!
Want int huys van Quistenburch sijn wy gheseeten.
O Weelde, mijn lief, wilt v doch verfroyen!
Hier is ghenoech om drincken, om eeten,
Ende Ghemack, mijn pagie, wilt doch alle druck vergheten!
Want [in] mijn boerse is noch so menich pont.
Ende tuwer beyder besten vaet mijn vermeeten;
Want die liefde uwer beyden heeft mijn herte doorwont.
Tlijf is mijn ghesont; stelt den buyck int ront,
Tot deser stont wilt trueren noch sorgen!
Faelgeert ons tgelt, ick hebt ghestelt al op een borgen’.

Come let us squander, feast and carouse,
Here in the house of Spendthrift.
Luxury, my love, be free and make merry,
Here is food and drink in abundance.
Ease, my page, relinquish all care,
My purse is still weighty with many a pound.
For your well-being is my dearest desire,
And my heart is yours to command.
I live for the flesh, so round out your bellies,
Not for this hour either sorrow or care.
I have pawned all I have, so there's money to spare.

The words of the poet:
Alle Jonghe ghesellen, hoort mijn vertrecken,
Bruyct doch maet in uwen Jonghe leuen fier!
Want dusdanich leuen is mede te ghecken.
Men mach wel drincken wijn ende bier
Ende beminnen weelde in matelicker manier,
Maer thuys van Quistenburch wilt niet in logeren,
Want onmaet vergaet, alsmen daghelicx aenschouwen hier,
Ghemack moechdi oock wel begheren,
Maer al winnende moecht ghijt te met verteren.
So moechdi domineren na uwen willen;
Want een weynich goets smijtmen haest door die billen.

All ye young stalwarts, hark to my words,
Let temperance govern your bold young lives.
Scorn is the price for a life such as this.
One may drink, to be sure, small ale and wine,
And pay court to luxury-moderately, mind.
But lodge not with Spendthrift
For indulgence decays, as daily you see.
Ease is also a worthy desire
But employ it as soon as it comes.
Enjoy yourselves thus as you see fit,
For a handful of money just passes like shit.

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