Frans Huys: Master Bad-Head (1546 - 1562)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

An engraving by the Flemish artist Frans Huys (1522-1562). The print looks inocent but the text below is sexual: 'Meester Jan Slecht hoot, wilt mijn luite versnare. Ick en sal, vrou Langneuse, laet mij ongequelt, want ick moetse voor Modder Muijlken bewaren, die hadde haer luijte oock seer geerne gestelt' - "Master bad head, do you want to put new strings on my lute. Lady longnose, leave me alone because i have to safe them voor Mother Muijlken who also wants new strings for her lute". The text 'To put new strings on a lute' means 'having sexual intercourse' while 'Mother Muijlken' is a nickname for the woman behind the man and also means 'French kissing'. The set of dancing peasant above the fireplace was made by the German artist Hans Sebald Beham (see link below). engraving from 1546-1562.