Louis Tocqué: Portrait of Arnoldus and Isaac van Rijneveld (1738)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Two nice portrait by the French artist Louis Tocqué (1696-1772). The depicted men are two Dutch brothers: on the left is Isaac van Rijneveld (1706-92), on the right Arnoldus van Rijneveld (1715-98). Both brothers worked for their father Jan van Rijneveld who lived at the Fluwelenburgwal (today the Oudezijds Voorburgwal) in Amsterdam and who was a prominent Amsterdam jeweler. As Paris was the leading European center for goldsmith’s work, both brothers traveled regularly to Paris for business trips. From surviving letters we know that Isaac was the most prominent brothers, Arnoldus was more in the background. These 2 portraits were made during 1 of those trips. There was also a portrait of the third brother Benedictus van Rijneveld but its current location is, as far as i know, unknown. Paintings from 1737-1738.