Master of the Legend of Mary Magdalene: Portrait of Antoine Molckmans and Catherine van der Merct (1520-1540)

(Private Collection)

A painting by an unknown Dutch artist with the notname 'Master of the Legend of Mary Magdalene'. These 2 painting are the side panels of a triptych of which the central panel is missing (the central panel was propably a depicting of the the Virgin and Child, Saints or perhaps a Biblical scene). These two panels show the persons who commissioned, the donors, the triptych tother with their name saints:

Left Panel: Antoine Molckmans from Brabant. Antoine is dressed in a ceremonial dress and halberd which indicated that he is a member of the 'archero de corps' (the archer bodyguard) - the personal guards of the Dukes of Burgundy. The arms on his tabard are those of the duke of Burgundy and King of Castile Philip the Fair (1478-1506), the monogram FA on his sleeve similarly stands for Filippus Austriae (= Philip of Austria which is Philip the Fair). Behind Antoine stands Saint Anthony the Great who functions here as the name saint of Antoine Molckmans. Also behind Antoine Molckmans are his 5 sons. On the halberd is the Latin text 'O MATER DEI, MEMENTO DIE' - 'O Mother of God, remember the day'

Right Panel: Catherine van der Merct from Flanders. Catherine is the wife of Antoine Molckmans. Behind Catherine stands saint Catherine of Alexandria who is the name saint of Catherine van der Merct. Also present are 4 daughters of Catherine. Two of them have crosses above their head which means that they have died.

Paintings from 1520-1540.