Dirck Dircksz. van Santvoort: The regents of the Saainering in Amsterdam (1643)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

A groupportrait by the Dutch artist Dirck Dircksz. van Santvoort (1610-1680). These men are the regents, board-of-directors' of the saainering in Amsterdam: 'saai' or 'sajet' is type of cloth made from rough combed wool, 'saainering' ('-nering' means 'industrie') is the industrie which makes this type of cloth. Depicted from left to rigth:

- Jan Stockmans, servant
- Jaques de Win
- Pieter Noordijck
- Gerrit Kuycken
- Gerrit Anslo

Painting from 1643