Dirck Volckertsz Coornhert: With wealth, power and pleasure the devil tempts man (1550)

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

An engraving by the Dutch artist Dirck Volckertsz Coornhert (1522-1590), after a design by the Dutch artist Maarten van Heemskerck (1498-1574). this print is a part of set of 4 called "The futility of hoping for money". This print shows the devil busy painting a bag of money (= wealth), a naked woman (= pleasure/ lust) and several crowns and scepters (= power) on a large human heart.A man who is looking is fascinated by the painting and doesn't realize a naked woman is binding a rope on his feet. The rope symbolizes the desire of the young man which attaches him to worldly matters.

The Dutch text at the bottom reads;
"Met IJdelheit verbeelt die duiviel des menscen harte, Dies hem die lust bedriechlick vant het eeiint brenget die smarte"

"With vanity the devil seduces the heart of a human. This lust is misleading because it only brings sorrow"

Print from 1550.